I help ecotourism initiatives
showcase their positive impact and attract more responsible travellers.

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5 tips to engage more responsible travellers with your positive impact

Using your words and a bit of great design

I want you to stop for a moment and take a deep breath, relax, and imagine…

… that foreign customers visit you and leave happy because you talked to them in their own language and, as a result, improved their experience.

…that more and more responsible travellers hear about your project and are won over by the way you talk about the things you’re passionate about.

…that prospects flock to your website and feel excited because they really understand the positive impact you have on society. The essence that makes you unique.

…that you spend your time doing what you enjoy the most: teaching to understand, and understanding to preserve.

Hi! I’m Llorenç Crespo, lover of nature and languages.

In 2015, I graduated with a degree in Geography and Environmental Studies, and…

Like many people who studied the same degree, I found myself lost and frustrated because I didn’t know how to use my skills to make a difference to society.

Finally, eager to do my bit for a greener world, I specialised and worked in nature education. As Malala Yousafzai says, education is the only solution.

However, during my four years as a nature educator, I noticed that many things in the nature tourism world are not quite as they should be. I felt powerless and disillusioned that I couldn’t do anything about it

But everything changed when I discovered that, by merging my two passions, nature and languages, I could help the sector to improve. At last, I felt connected to my purpose: being part of the change the planet needs by helping voices like yours demonstrate their positive impact, and enabling their message to reach every corner of the world.

As you may know, life and entrepreneurship often converge and live in harmony. That’s why the cornerstones of my personal and professional life are:

I am an ecotourist and a translator.

That’s why, when I translate and write copy for your project’s audience, it’s like I’m writing to myself. I am your client.

I learn from nature.

Following the pace of nature; soaking up the scent of a leafy forest; discovering impressive landscapes. I love expanding on this feeling, which is why I created Flumen Ecolinguistics.

Cooperation is key.

Wolves work together in packs; cranes fly together to reach their destination. Why do human beings insist on competing, rather than cooperating with each other?

Which service were you looking for?


I help your project to cross borders and attract adventurers from all over the world.

This allows you to spread your wings, and change habitat like swifts do every winter in search of more abundant environments.

Content writing and copywriting

I support you in writing your content in Spanish so that you can communicate authentically with those Spanish-speaking responsible travellers who visit your website and social media. This reveals your beauty and scent, in the same way that daisies attract bees so that they can spread their pollen and reproduce.

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5 tips to engage more responsible travellers with your positive impact

Using just your words and a bit of great design.