Hi! I’m Llorenç Crespo, and this is my journey…

With my words, I help you attract more responsible travellers from places that you’d never have imagined.

But before I tell you more about me, tell me something about you.

Do you offer accommodation or run a restaurant in a unique nature spot?

Is your business based on providing nature guides or nature watching?

Are you a nature

Are you a nature
photographer or writer?

If any of these are you, I’m sure we could chat away for hours. So, tell me, does this sound familiar?

You want to attract travellers from all over the world, but you can’t communicate effectively with your non-English-speaking clients because you don’t speak their language well enough.

You want to highlight your positive impact on the planet, but you don’t have enough time to spend on social media and writing your website copy feels like wading through mud.

You want to connect with more travellers eager to discover the natural setting that is home to your business, but you struggle to write content that effectively reflects who you are.

Congratulations! You’ve just discovered the first translator to specialise exclusively in ecotourism.

But Flumen is about much, much more than translation!

Flumen brings you the tools to empower your business with a combination of words, design and the online world.

We’ve talked about your project, now I’ll tell you about mine.

Flumen Ecolinguistics is a project that focuses on making your ecotourism business stand out from the crowd. Its purpose is to help you attract more travellers while you keep doing what you enjoy: protecting your environment and raising awareness to build a better world.

Flumen offers you a range of services that will let you escape the computer and reclaim more time to spend on yourself, your company, and your clients.

I’ll make sure your business always speaks to the enthusiastic ecotourists who hire your services.

I’m thrilled that we’ve planted the seed of this connection between your project and mine, and can’t wait to see the fruit it will yield.

I’m an ecotourist, I’ve worked in the field, and now I’ve launched an innovative project that will empower every company with a positive impact on its environment and the desire to share it with the world.

More fun facts about me:

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