Why does your nature-related business need a specialised translator

Have you ever needed a translator to adapt your content to another audience? If you own an ecotourism or nature-related business, in this article, I'll tell you which translator is the best for you.

In this text, not only will I answer the question posed in the title, but also the following answer: how can translation help you and your green business?

You may think that translators are all the same and that any language professional can solve your problems the same way. Are you sure? Keep on reading. 

First of all, do you know what translation is?

According to the National Network for Translation (UK), translating is the process of transferring written text from one language into another. Anything that is written can be translated: advertisements, books, games software, legal documents, websites, film subtitles etc.

Ancient specialisations

According to what I was taught in the university, translation has few significant specialisations:

  • Legal translation.  To translate anything that is under the law. For example, a contract if you’re going to work abroad or the law itself in a country where more than one language is spoken. In my opinion, this is an essential specialisation because you need to know perfectly legal issues to translate this sort of texts. People’s lives and well-being are in your hands.
  • Medical translation. Translation of any text that has something to do with healthcare providers, doctors, and companies operating in the pharma industry. To me, it’s also a vital specialisation for the health of everyone.   
  • Business and Finance. Apparently, translators with this specialisation work with texts linked to marketing, finance, and corporate communications. However, to my mind, business is everything, since companies are specialising in everything, health, IT, music, etc. So, what kind of business is this about? Can a translator translate anything?
  • Industry and technical. Translating any scientific, engineering, or another niche with a specific vocabulary, in other words, whatever. How many fields of expertise could you find here? There are a huge number of technical languages, so a technical translator has to do burdensome work to get in the field and translate accurately.
  • Literary. Generally, this applies to books translations such as essays, novels, poetry, songs, etc. I would say artistic translation. 

New specialisations

I have good news for you! Nowadays, specialisations have significantly expanded, and this means translators are working for many niches: beer translation, adventure travel translation, wellness translation, etc. In my case, I translate for nature-related businesses such as ecotourism companies and birdwatching companies, among others.

What’s the difference between ancient specialisations and these ones? That we focus on actual companies rather than on types of texts. In other words, we perfectly know the niche where we are and can help companies belonging to this niche thoroughly with their language needs. We understand your concerns, your wants, and your clients.

How can a translation solve your concerns?

  1. Online visibility. Your Spanish-speaking clients search for everything on the Internet in their language. If you have a blog or a website translated into their language, they can easily find you. 
  1. Reach out to a new audience. Speaking English, you can reach out to a given number of customers, let’s say 50 people; speaking English and Spanish, you double this number, now you connect with 100 people, and so on. Thus, this is linked to another advantage: you boost your sales. More clients reached, more chance to succeed.
  1. As an ethical company, make your ethics and your positive impact travel worldwide. Not all companies have a positive impact on their surroundings and society. But you do! Why don’t you tell everybody on the planet what’s this thing that makes you different from everyone else? Come on, don’t be shy!

Translation for environmental initiatives

Are you a naturalist? A nature photographer or illustrator? A nature-writing writer? Do you own an ecotourism company?

Like lawyers need translators who specialise in legal texts such as contracts or laws, or doctors look for translators who understand the medicine world entirely, environmental and nature-related companies want the same. They wish to be precise in their words to correctly convey the message they want to share to charm everybody and change the world. 

Yes, these companies’ final goal is to change the world for the better. You’re unique, and your purpose is unique. Then you demand a unique translator to convey your message.

Conclusion. Specialised (green) translators.

Now you understand the power of translation for your business to expand and why a specialised translator is the best option for you.

Nowadays, everything is online, so your online visibility is crucial. It’s also the best way to reach out to a new audience and let more people know about you. Now you know how to improve it! If you translate your website and your blog, you’ll take a huge step forward for your company. 

Even if you don’t want a specialised translator, and you prefer a generic one, no worries. But go and translate! Your green message, your company, and you require to cross borders.

About the author

Hi, I’m Llorenç Crespo. My purpose is to help ecotourism and nature-related organisations raise their voice, spread their purpose, and expand their borders. It’s about changing the world, a challenging mission, but the fruits of hard work are sweeter than the sweetest of nectars.

If you want to take the first step on this path through letters and trees, I strongly recommend that you download my freebie “5 tips to engage more responsible travellers with your positive impact. Using just words and a bit of great design.”.
If you’re among those people who have little time to spare, but you’d like to keep on this track, you can hire my services.

I’m a nature lover, but I have my shortcomings too. Every little step in my life led me to found Flumen Ecolinguistics. You can read my story here.


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