Why Flumen Ecolinguistics?

My purpose, my aim and my story. The raison d’être of Flumen Ecolinguistics.

Why was it necessary to found Flumen Ecolinguistics?

My story

Did you know since you were a teenager where you wanted to work as an adult? I didn’t. And so, I felt a little bit lost. Nearly everyone knew what to do after high school, what path to take. I didn’t. 

Then, he popped up.

I started studying Geography and Environmental Studies almost by chance. I didn’t know back then that it would be the best choice ever. Because the first professor who entered the classroom, my first year of university, changed my life.

He’s called Joan Mateu, the professor who would show me a new world. It wasn’t precisely this way. Thanks to his charm, he simply took from me what I already had since I was a child. For the following four years of university, my worldview switched gradually.

I discovered what I loved (and still love) the most. Do you know what is it about? I’ll give you a clue: my final project was about tourism in natural areas and its impact on the local population. Besides this, I also learnt that another way of life was possible.

Then, she popped up. 

Gaia. When I finished my degree, I specialised in environmental education, and I worked for a nature education and ecotourism company for four years. Environmental education was critical as it triggered many interests I hadn’t even heard of: botany, birdwatching, mountaineering, cycle tourism, and so on. This feeling which looks like “everything has a sense now”. Have you ever felt this?

Then, they popped up. 

Languages, cultures, and translation.

After finishing my degree in Translation, I noticed that, apart from being an environmental educator, I could be so interculturally, cross borders, and raise my voice and others’ to expand the green message we are committed to sharing. 

Nowadays, I’m an ecotourist, I’ve worked in the ecotourism sector, and I’ve launched an innovative project that will expand voices with a positive impact on Earth.

Why Flumen Ecolinguistics?

As said by one of my favourite Catalan authors, Joan Fuster, “no escric els llibres que voldria escriure” (I don’t write the books I’d like to write).

In my case, I could say the same thing. Instead of “writing” what I’d like to “write”, I do what I think sincerely need to be done. That’s the reason why I founded Flumen Ecolinguistics.

I’d have loved to do my internship ―when I finished my degree― in a company with these goals, with this purpose. A company aimed at being part of the change the planet needs by helping green voices demonstrate their positive impact and enabling their message to reach every corner of the world.

To sum up, I failed to find an initiative like this one, and I sincerely think something like Flumen Ecolinguistics should have been created before. But I wasn’t lucky. Thus, I made it. As easy as it may sound. 

Final considerations

If you’re here, reading this right now, it means you think like me, and you share my values. I love this. 

And I’m glad that Flumen is aimed at people like you, people with which I can connect honestly. As many people do, I don’t think that translators are bookworms who don’t have any other relationship than with books. That’s not me at all! 

Flumen is meant to be a place of professional work with people who understand the value of words, particularly the importance of green messages. 

About the author

Hi, I’m Llorenç Crespo. My purpose is to help ecotourism and nature-related organisations raise their voice, spread their purpose, and expand their borders. It’s about changing the world, a challenging mission, but the fruits of hard work are sweeter than the sweetest of nectars.

If you want to take the first step on this path through letters and trees, I strongly recommend that you download my freebie “5 tips to engage more responsible travellers with your positive impact. Using just words and a bit of great design.”.
If you’re among those people who have little time to spare, but you’d like to keep on this track, you can hire my services.

I’m a nature lover, but I have my shortcomings too. Every little step in my life led me to found Flumen Ecolinguistics. You can read my story here.


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